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Learn & share something new each day!!

6/21/07 08:48 pm - t_103 - Steam from the shower.

It sort of dawned on me today, after thinking for a long time, "What should I post here?" That this was perfect.

When the shower makes the room steamy it, in turn, makes the mirror steamy. Annoying, yes?

To remedy this all you need at two things.

a) A hair dryer
b) A towel

I use the towel to wipe clear the place on the mirror I want to be free of steam. Then I blow dry that area and it's as good as new! You can see perfectly now!

Try it sometime!

3/5/07 07:24 pm - psycho_scorpyen - tidbit number 2

well, i just heard about and joined this community so i'll spend the next few minutes racking my brain for something useful to share with you...

Okay, almost useless rather obvious information but i only learnt it this weekend, and i tried it out today and it came in useful. Anyway, if you hurt yourself (say like i did, being stupid and accidently scraping your hand along a sharp edged cupboard and you end up ripping half the skin off your forefinger) and you're in a bit of pain, just pinch yourself maybe further down your arm and your body will focus on that instead, as long as you keep the pinching constant, you wont notice either pain in your body.

so...go hurt yourselves and try it out =)

3/4/07 12:31 pm - ____fromfaraway

Welcome. I will start with the first post, and kind of the thing that made me want to start this community.

I spent the past weekend in Vermont with my grandparents, and my car getting stuck trying to get up their steep driveway in the snow (I drive a neon). My grandfather told me not to "gun" it, because the spinning of the tires creates heat, which melts the snow, which then creates instant ice. And you are stuck. For ev er.

I thought this was very intriguing and have been telling everyone who crosses my path!
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